Eco-friendly water management for agriculture: is it possible?

ACWFS research associates publish report on how Nature-Based Solutions can improve agricultural water management

02/08/2019 | 2:14 PM

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has emphasized the need to accelerate a global transition to sustainable food and agriculture systems. Improving the management of water for agricultural use in the face of climate change remains a key obstacle for many countries to achieve this sustainability transition. 

Traditionally, stable water flows and water availability have been equated with intrusive ecosystem management, pollutants, and grey infrastructure use. However, there is potential for change though viable water management systems that conserve or rehabilitate natural ecosystems. Together with the FAO, researchers at the ACWFS published a discussion report and policy brief detailing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), a possible contribution to options which enhance the availability and quality of water for productive purposes and human consumption while simultaneously preserving or repairing ecosystems. Read the brief here or the full report here.