Water Energy Food Nexus Symposium 2019

From Concept to Implementation, the ACWFS hosts a symposium of current findings and ways forward. We hope you can join!

12/09/2019 | 9:38 AM

Water scarcity is a growing issue in the face of climate change, and especially so for regions such as the Middle East which have a high proportion of dry and arid land. The extricate link with energy in every stage of the water cycle and the high dependency of water in conventional energy processes creates serious problems due to increased energy prices and high water consumption rates by the energy sector that are unavailable for agriculture and food production. The Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS) is hosting a 2019 Water Energy and Food Nexus Symposium on the 11th of December where speakers from the Middle East and other regions will report on novel pilot studies which can be upscaled to alleviate the prevailing issues. Join us in coming together and engaging in the conversation at the Symposium!  For registration, please email info.acwfs@vu.nl to RSVP