Research Associates

The Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies brings together researchers from various disciplines that are affiliated to one of four faculties and institutes: the School of Business and Economics (SBE), the Faculty of Science, the Centre for International Development (CIS-VU) and the Network Institute.  

List of research associates, by affiliation

School of Business and Economics
Bart van den Boom
Chris Elbers
Wendy Janssens
Peter Lanjouw
Max Merbis
Menno Pradhan
Wim van Veen

Faculty of Science
Jacqueline Broerse
Maiza Campos Ponce
Tjard de Cock Bunning
Colleen Doak
Ralph Lasage
Žiga Malek
Katja Polman
Ben Sonneveld
Peter Verburg
Jasper van Vliet
Roelf Voortman

Sabina di Prima
Denyse Snelder
Wendelien Tuyp

Network Institute
Anna Bon





Management Team

Management and coordination of the day-to-day activities are under the responsibility of the management team of the Centre, consisting of a director and two deputies.