Dr. M. Campos Ponce

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+31 20 59 84456
faculteit der bètawetenschappen ( sectie infectieziekten )

Maiza Campos Ponce obtained her PhD (personal Marie Curie grant) in 2001 for her studies on “Leishmania chagasi in Central America”, at the University of Keele (UK). She then worked for the Transech project (NIH funded), she focused on the “diagnosis of Echinococcusspp” at the University of Salford (UK). In 2004 she  became an Assistant Professor at the department of Health Sciences, where she set up the Infectious Diseases section (VU, Amsterdam).  Currently her main research focus is on the epidemiology of parasitic infections, interactions between nutrition and infection and their impact on human health and disease. She is involved in several multidisciplinary projects in close collaboration with the institute of Tropical Medicine (Antwerp) and  partners in Latin-America, Africa and Asia.

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