Dr. C.M. Doak

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Colleen Doak completed her PhD at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a dissertation focused on the dual burden of undernutrition and obesity. Her research continues to focus on the dual burden of child undernutrition together with overweight and obesity. Her research on the dual burden of undernutrition and the diseases related to overweight/obesity focuses on low and middle income countries, but explores determinants at the community and household levels. A more recent area of focus is the role of parasitic infection plays not just in child undernutrition but also overweight/obesity.  In answering these questions she has collaborated closely with her colleagues, who are parasitologists, to explore the biological as well as socio-economic determinants.  Her research has explored undernutrition and overweight/obesity together as well as separately and in multiple settings using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.