Dr R. Lasage

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Dr R. Lasage (Institute for Environmental Studies) wrote his PhD on Community based adaptation in water management. His research covers many aspect of global change in relation to water resources. Focusing on the impacts of sea level rise, changes in river hydrology, and changes in socio-economic circumstances on communities and ecosystems. An important part aims at developing and evaluating adaptive measures, which are designed to reduce the negative impacts of climate and socio-economic change. Here he uses the concept of vulnerability, including indicators and criteria for evaluation. On this topic he has written multiple journal articles and book chapters. His work relates to developing countries as well as to developed countries, and ranges from community scale to basin scale. Combining global data, local knowledge and priorities, and visions and priorities of the relevant stakeholders (general public, government, research institutes) is key to this work, resulting in regional and catchment scale analysis of the implementation of local scale measures.  Over the years he has worked on projects funded by the World Bank, Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs (DGIS), the EU and the Dutch government. Several of these project were field based, where development, implementation and evaluation of water management measures were central. His teaching covers courses in various BSc and MSc programs at the VU on the topic of hydrology, water