W. Tuijp, MA

+31 20 59 89079
student- & onderwijszaken ( international office )

W. Tuijp, MA (Centre for International Cooperation (CIS)) is working on international projects at VU University Amsterdam. She is a graduate in Communication Science, combining intercultural communication with expertise on sustainable land management in Sub Saharan Africa. Wendelien Tuyp is involved in a variety of activities in the areas of communication, natural resource management, rural development, farmer innovation and indigenous knowledge. Her experience includes the development, management and implementation of projects in an intercultural and multi-disciplinary setting. She is also involved in teaching, training and coordination of courses at Bachelor and Master level, supervision of students, and the development of teaching and training (audiovisual) materials. Wendelien combines practical field work, training and research within rural development projects.

Personal home page: http://www.vu.nl/en/about-vu-amsterdam/faculties-and-institutes/cis-vu/staff/tuijp/index.aspx