Dr. R.L. Voortman

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faculteit der aard- en levenswetenschappen ( afdeling athena )
Senior research fellow
Roelf  L. Voortman is senior research fellow land resources and agriculture at the Centre for World Food Studies of the VU University (SOW-VU), Amsterdam. As land resource ecologist, his main research interest is agro-ecological characterization and assessment for agricultural development planning with emphasis on the relationship between soil parent material-climate-soil-vegetation and how this is expressed in soil chemical properties, including micronutrients, with the objective to develop site-specific fine-tuned fertilizer technologies. Other research experience includes country-wide agro-ecological zoning (Mozambique, Nigeria), climate change (Nigeria country-wide), soil survey and land evaluation, mineral scarcity, biofuels, human nutrition as related to soil chemistry, and bio-indication (vegetation as indicator of soil chemistry).