Dr E. van der Zanden

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Postdoctoral researcher
Dr Emma van der Zanden (FALW, Environmental geography group) is a Postdoctoral researcher interested in the processes and patterns of change in agricultural landscapes, from the local to European level. Her research focusses on landscape characterization, including the mapping and typology development of agricultural landscapes, as well as on the consequences of landscape change (particularly agricultural abandonment). Currently, she is involved in the TALE project (FACCE-JPI/BiodivERsA) on the trade-off between food production, biodiversity, and ecosystem services, which includes a case study in the Netherlands (Kromme Rijn). Emma is involved in teaching in BSc and MSc courses and in the daily supervision of PhD students (including Harun Kiruki, who studies the socio-economic and environmental impact of small-scale charcoal making in Kenya, through the ASALI project). She has research experience in the Philippines, Syria, Kenya and Portugal.

Personal home page:  http://www.environmentalgeography.nl/site/staff/emma-van-der-zanden/