Ongoing projects

Exploring food system transformations in rapidly changing African cities (Food4Cities)

The aim of this project is to promote sustainable and nutrition-secure city food systems. We will use two case studies (Cape Town, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda) to develop and test planning tools for enhancing city food and nutrition security.

The Untapped potential: The Challenges of Agriculture Growth and its Effects on Food Security in Ethiopia

The research attempts to address the following questions: (a) why are the previous and existing policies and strategies unable to achieve sustained agricultural growth and food self-sufficiency at a household level? (b) What are the factors explaining food insecurity at the household level? (c) What is the effect of food insecurity on the wellbeing of household members?

Scaling up nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Lao PDR and Vietnam

Building upon existing interventions in Vietnam and Lao PDR, this project generates evidence on the effectiveness of, and best way to scale-up, NSA amongst ethnic minorities in mountainous areas. It utilizes Complex Adaptive System Theory and Transition Management to analyse processes of embedding NSA interventions in food systems.

Water harvesting as community based response to drought

At the premises of the SEKU University in Kitui a research site has been developed, to study improved water management in semi-arid regions, with a specific focus on small scale water harvesting systems

Enhancing food security through development of allotment gardens in and around the cities of Benin

The project aims to create an integrated framework for the development of allotment gardens, providing urban poor with access to fresh foods and with a safe haven for women to gain additional income


The aim of the project is to facilitate the development and implementation of FOOD 2030, a European research and innovation policy framework for food and nutrition security (FNS)

Palestinian-Dutch Academic Cooperation Program on Water (PADUCO)

The main objective of the project is to enhance food security by improving the feasibility of date palm tree cultivation in the Jordan Valley through integrating precision irrigation and optimizing the use of chemical fertilizer applying Real Time SMART software

Reducing trade-offs and increasing synergies associated with improved food security in Lao PDR and Myanmar

In this project we will assess how and to what extent improvements towards food and nutrition security (SDG2) is associated with synergies and trade-offs with poverty reduction (SDG1), health (SDG3), climate change (SDG13), and biodiversity (SDG15). We focus on Lao PDR and Myanmar, two developing countries in Southeast Asia where hunger is still prevalent in many locations.