Exploring food system transformations in rapidly changing African cities (Food4Cities)

Time span of the project    2018 - 2021
Contact person
Dr Jeanne Nel
Project partners
International consortium
Project sponsorsLEAP-AGRI ERA Net (Netherlands Science Foundation)

The aim of this project is to promote sustainable and nutrition-secure city food systems by developing knowledge and tools for local and national development planning. Specifically, we will use two case studies (Cape Town, South Africa and Kampala, Uganda) to develop and test planning tools for enhancing city food and nutrition security. The project addresses the need for sustainable agricultural intensification by developing tools to quantify and evaluate alternative food transformations in African cities. We address the following questions:

i.     What are the local to global food system drivers that influence city food and nutrition security, and how do these drivers interact?

ii.    How can city food systems be represented in a conceptual model that integrates within-city dynamics with broader global change dynamics, and acknowledges the feedbacks between these?

iii.   What do different city food transformations mean for food and nutrition outcomes, and which pathways minimise trade-offs with other SDGs?

iv.   What are the opportunities and interventions for city authorities to incorporate food and nutrition dimensions into their planning?

v.    In what ways can joint reflection on the case studies offer new opportunities for building positive food futures elsewhere?