Policy briefs and the 25-year anniversary report

Policy briefs

September 2013

Biofuel mandates of the EU to be preserved by legislative deadlock?

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March 2007

Global Action for Food Security
On the occasion of World Food Day 2006, IFPRI director Joachim von Braun and SOW-VU director Michiel Keyzer discussed how the Millenium Development Goal of halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger, can be achieved.

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December 2005

China's rapidly growing meat demand: a domestic or an international challenge?
A fast growing Chinese economy leads to a rapidly increasing consumption of meat. Currently, demand for meat and feed grains is almost fully met by local production. As incomes continue to grow, how dependent will China be on meat and feed imports in 2030?

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June 2005

Can We Feed The Animals?
Various factors like population growth, increasing levels of incomes and shifts towards higher meat consumption, will cause the demand for food and feed to increasein the next decades. Increase in demand willbe considerably larger than commonly estimated.

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January 2005

Regional Integration and Resource Use in the Middle East: Water and the Need for Peace.

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25 years of Partnerships

The Proceedings of the 25th Anniversary Seminar held on 30 March 2004, were published in October 2004. 

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