• The Centre is an interdisciplinary institute that brings together people and groups from various institutes and two Faculties of the VU, the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and the Faculty of Science.
  • It is managed by a Management Team consisting of the Director Prof Dr Remco Oostendorp, and two members: Dr Lia van Wesenbeeck (SBE) and Dr Dirk Essink (Faculty of Science).
  • It has a board overseeing the activities of the Centre, consisting of Prof Dr Willem Verschoor, Dean SBE, and Prof.dr. Guus Schreiber, Dean Faculty of Science.
  • The Advisory Council may give solicited and unsolicited advice, and strengthens the Center’s network and in supporting dissemination and promotional activities.
  • Research associates are affiliated to departments or groups within the VU, but devote significant time and effort to research, education and outreach supporting the Centre’s mission.

Organization Chart