Critical Perspectives on Governance by SDGs: Water, Food and Climate

The Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies participated in the conference "Critical Perspectives on Governance by SDGs: Water, Food and Climate" (UVA, June 26)

08/01/2018 | 2:21 PM

The Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies hosted a session at the conference entitled ‘Food security: trade-offs and scaling’, that was chaired by Dr. Jasper van Vliet and included five presentations covering many aspects of food security.
This session specifically zoomed in on rigorously studying trade-offs and synergies between SDGs and the potential and constraints for upscaling of promising interventions.

The presentations addressed these challenges in a way that was both scientifically innovative and highly policy-relevant, covering a diverse range of research projects from selected regions in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Approximately 25 attendants were present and participated in the lively discussions following the presentations.

The presenters and their presentations were:

Lia van Wesenbeeck: Reducing overuse of fertilizer in China vs. food security and farm incomes

Peter Lanjouw: Trade-offs and synergies between SDGs: implications for improving food security in Lao PDR and Myanmar

Anna Liza Bais Moleman: Assessing the environmental impacts of production- and consumption-side measures in sustainable agriculture intensification in the European Union

Remco Oostendorp: Climate smart financial diaries for scaling in Nyando Basin

Dirk Essink and Anna Zondag: Scaling up Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in Lao PDR