Irrigated Agriculture in the Mediterranean

Overview and spatial analysis of implemented strategies published in April

05/09/2019 | 5:56 PM

Meeting future food demands while sustainably managing land and water resources is a challenge for irrigated agriculture in semi-arid regions. The Mediterranean region in particular is heavily dependent on irrigated agriculture, and thus must adapt to climate and socioeconomic change to reconcile growing needs.

On April 24th, in collaboration with a PhD. candidate at the VU, ACWFS research associate Žiga Malek published a study in which both researchers provide insight on adaptation strategies implemented on farm level through a systematic review of studies in the region. They identified 31 adaptation strategies in different categories, showing that strategies in the categories "water management" and "farm production practices" are most often implemented by farmers in the region. Geographic Information Systems were then used to study the spatial context of adaptations by analyzing the location factors of the five main strategy types. Check out the full paper here.