Prof Dr T. de Cock Bunning

Special chair of Applied Ethics in Life Sciences

Prof Dr Tjard de Cock Bunning (FALW, Athena Institute)  holds the special chair of Applied Ethics in Life Sciences and works in the Department  of  Biology  &  Society  at  the  VU  University Amsterdam.  He  studied Biophysics  (neurophysiology) and Philosophy. His Cum Laude PhD was in neurosciences.. Before joining the Department  of  Biology  &  Society,  he  became  the National  coordinator of  the  first  interdisciplinary  research program of the Dutch Foundation for Scientific Research (NWO). He is an expert on value dependent drivers and barriers in science-society transitions. Within the department he focuses on areas where biological innovations raise ethical questions and demand adequate government policy. Prof. Dr. de Cock Buning was a member/chair  of several governmental commissions (Commissie Biotechnologie bij Dieren-CBD, Comissie  Genetische  modificatie- COGEM, Centrale Commissie Dierproeven - CCD), advising on social issues dealing with innovation and societal impact such as the biotechnology, animal welfare, nature conservation and corporate social responsibility. In this position he contributed to the structure and content of  legislation related to new technologies. Commissioned by the  UNEP-GEF  he  executed  a  critical  evaluation  of  the  implementation  of  the  biosafety  regulation  on biotechnological  seeds  in  15  countries.  He  took  part  as  researcher  and  facilitator  in  highly  successful TRANSFORUM programme by the ministry of Economics and Agriculture to create niches for public-private innovations in agriculture, developing the Reflective Monitoring and Action approach. His main research interest is in complex science-society problems (wicked problems) and solutions from a system perspective. Currently he is promotor of a Nuffic project on Climate change, food security policies and resilience of farmers in Ethiopia.

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