Resilience of vulnerable groups - projects

Stimulating Community Initiatives in Sustainable Land Management

The project highlights the potential of sharing and stimulating community initiatives in Africa. It focuses on four diverse African countries – Ghana, Morocco, South Africa and Uganda – with UN Environment as the GEF implementing agency

Productive Employment in Segmented Markets of Fresh Produce

This research project investigates the segmentation of the avocado sector in Kenya, comparing a modern and innovatively programmed and a more traditional and non-programmed mode of farming.

Climate change predictions in Sub-Saharan Africa: impacts and adaptations

ClimAfrica is conceived to respond to the urgent international need for the most appropriate and up-to-date tools to better understand and predict climate change, assess its impact on African ecosystems and population, and develop the correct adaptation strategies.

Scaling up nutrition-sensitive agriculture in Lao PDR and Vietnam

Building upon existing interventions in Vietnam and Lao PDR, this project generates evidence on the effectiveness of, and best way to scale-up, NSA amongst ethnic minorities in mountainous areas. It utilizes Complex Adaptive System Theory and Transition Management to analyse processes of embedding NSA interventions in food systems.

Using Climate-Smart Financial Diaries for Scaling in the Nyando Basin, Kenya

Nyando Basin in western Kenya has severe problems of agricultural stagnation, environmental degradation and deepening poverty, aggravated by climate change causing more erratic rainfall patterns and shortening of growing season. CCAFS projects WUR-F2-P248 and ILRI-F1-F2-EA-P263 identified successful interventions supporting farmers to cope with these adverse effects.

Enhancing food security through development of allotment gardens in and around the cities of Benin

The project aims to create an integrated framework for the development of allotment gardens, providing urban poor with access to fresh foods and with a safe haven for women to gain additional income

Reducing trade-offs and increasing synergies associated with improved food security in Lao PDR and Myanmar

In this project we will assess how and to what extent improvements towards food and nutrition security (SDG2) is associated with synergies and trade-offs with poverty reduction (SDG1), health (SDG3), climate change (SDG13), and biodiversity (SDG15). We focus on Lao PDR and Myanmar, two developing countries in Southeast Asia where hunger is still prevalent in many locations.